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Black & Grey Realism Tattoo Style

The Realism Tattoo style is awe-inspiring. Tattoo artists create 3D works of art on 2D skin. Tattoo Artists need years of devotion, hard work, and genuine talent to master the realm of hyperrealism tattoos. However, those that can create unbelievable Realism tattoos. The amount of skill, technique, and time put into these works of art is truly astounding.

Tattoo Artists use many techniques to create realistic tattoos but hold those skills closely under wraps. However, the mapping of shadows is one of the main methods of creating impressive Realism tattoos. Anyone who has a Realistic tattoo is sure to have noticed the contour lines, areas of shade, and highlights like a topographic map within the stencil. Using the photo source and proper design allows a tattoo artist to create a tattoo in the realism style. Your Tattoo Artist will most likely set up inks like a color wheel.

Similarly, tints for mixing are often kept close for ease in placement on skin and accurate color matching. There are many ways a Realist tattoo artist will work. However, one thing is certain. The Realism Tattoo style requires much planning and a lot of skill and technical training.


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