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This style is immediately recognizable and bold. In fact, Blackwork tattooing has become a popular style within the industry. However, black fill designs are more than just a recent trend. Tribal tattoos make up much of the Blackwork tattoo style. But, it would be a mistake to assume that’s all it is. To clarify, any tattoo can be considered Blackwork when only black ink is used. Recently, dark art, illustrative, graphic art, and even lettering or scripts are often considered to be Blackwork. Furthermore, Blackwork can also include geometric patterns, sacred geometry, or designs similar to Henna tattoos. As you can see, this takes the Blackwork art form far beyond tribal tattoos.

The origins of the blackwork style stem from ancient tribal tattooing. For example, Polynesian tattoos have been a huge influence with their abstract patterns, shapes, and swirls in black ink. Highlighting the organic contours of the body, the tattoo artist often uses symbology to illustrate a person’s life story, lineage, sacred beliefs, or affiliations. These aspects of culture often influence and highlight today’s Blackwork style but creative tattoo artists continue to break the mold by incorporating new ideas and innovative techniques.


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